Campos Racing secures Teams’ title as RFEDA’s Appeal and Disciplinary Board overturns disqualifying penalties in Navarra

The Spanish-based racing team saw their cars disqualified from race 1 and race 2 due to a metallic grill from the sidepods, which had no performance gain. Australian Barter reinstates his two first places and Drivers’ Champion Tsolov a second and a third place to secure the Teams’ title for Campos Racing

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Campos Racing have already mathematically clinched the Teams’ title of the 2022 F4 Spain Championship as the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation’s Appeal and Disciplinary Board have decided in favor of the team. Despite the season finale will take place in Barcelona on 12-13 November, Nikola Tsolov and Campos Racing have already sealed both titles of the 2022 campaign. Hugh Barter is additionally in the running for Vice-Championship honors, which is virtually close to hand as he the Japanese-Australian driver has a 56-point advantage with just 72 points at stake. 

 Campos Racing had their cars unfairly disqualified from race 1 and race 2 in Los Arcos due to a metallic grill added to sidepods of their cars in order to prevent radiators from any potential damage, which is the scope of the article 2.5.3 of the F4 Spain’s Technical Regulations. Besides, it had no gain in terms of performance and it is a preventive measure adopted in other series for avoiding above mentioned mechanical damage.   

This decision immediately prompted Campos Racing to lodge a protest. Now, the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation’s Appeal and Disciplinary Board have underlined that the wording of several articles included in the Sporting and Technical rulebooks may be contradictory. Therefore, all Campos Racing drivers reinstate their finishing positions in race 1 and race 2. Barter claimed wins in both races and 2022 Champion Tsolov retakes 2nd and 3rd places in the same races.