VEXATEC and Campos Racing sign sponsorship and technical collaboration agreement

Vexatec, a Swiss leading company that has developed the first agility shirt in the world with real time data-tracking and compression technologies, becomes new Campos Racing team’s sponsor in the FIA Formula 2.

As Mr. Salvatore Gandolfo, founder of Vexatec, told Adrián Campos: “You have the telemetry system for racing cars. Vexatec has it for humans.”

Both parties have expressed a willingness to ensure a durable partnership in motorsport. This agreement isn’t just a sponsorship deal but a technical collaboration as well as Vexatec will bring their technologies to help the young talented drivers to improve their agility, stamina and fitness.

Adrián Campos has expressed his satisfaction for the agreement: “I have known Salvatore Gandolfo for a long time. I´m extremely pleased with our collaboration agreement in medium and long term. It’s a pleasure to have Vexatec join us because they are a high-tech company. They will help our drivers to improve faster, just like other athletes from other disciplines do. I’m sure both companies will benefit from this deal to move further and meet new challenges.”


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