Stroke of bad luck for Mahindra Racing in Buenos Aires

Argentina´s ePrix was compromised by technical issues and Heidfeld and Rosenqvist couldn´t step onto the podium once again. Sweden´s driver still managed to record the fastest lap

Mahindra Racing, whose cars are run by Campos Racing, experienced a difficult weekend in Argentina, where the world´s first major all-electric racing series celebrated its third round of the 2016-17. Despite the team failed to achieve another podium finish, which left a bitter taste, both M3ELECTRO cars proved to be extremely competitive in the streets of Buenos Aires.

In qualifying, Sweden´s Felix Rosenqvist clocked a lap time of 1:09.681 and took 8th spot on the starting grid. His teammate, Germany´s Nick Heidfeld, was 12th fastest with a lap of 1:10.152. Campos Racing had pinned great hopes on race strategy. The race was running according to plan for both drivers until pit stops. There, technical issues dashed their chances and they both finished out of the points. Rosenqvist still set he fastest lap proving how competitive the cars are.

Round four will take place in Mexico City on 1 April and Mahindra Racing will head on the back of some strong results.

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