SIMULATION CENTER, the possibility of training like a race driver

The Campos Racing team adds to its Formation programmes a new concept for learning and improving the driving technique of single-seaters through the use of the simulator. The new concept “Simulation Center” is an entertaining and dynamic learning scheme in which you will feel yourself as a real race driver.

Improve your driving technique by driving around all the F1 tracks inside a Dallara F305 cockpit, feeling all the force of the steering wheel with a 120º vision range of the selected track and in live communication with your track engineer, who will make you master your driving abilities and improve your lap times.

Analysing the training session with your engineer by revising your telemetries and comparing them with those from the Campos Racing team drivers will make you improve quickly your driving skills and learn how to manage the stress situations which the drivers experience on the track.

The Simulation Center offers 3 learning programmes which may be reserved through the Campos Racing website: Taster Experience, Training Experience and Live GP Experience, suitable for all driving levels (beginner, improvement and advanced).

A unique opportunity to feel yourself like a race driver.

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