Pre Season Test Formula Gulf – Abu Dhabi Yas Marina

The fourth training session had a great start in the 5.6 km Yas Marina circuit.  With 300 km of each pilot test I had was a difficult task to complete a perfect lap.

Andy Pardoe (coach driver Formula Gulf), flew from England to work with the drivers during the test. Pilots would be under his watchful eye and GulfSport team, trying to spend as much time on the track and then can analyze the data and video.

Hope GulfSport Martin Racing said – “We are on track to start the season, all riders have enjoyed the challenge of the Yas Marina circuit, and have made significant improvements in the 2 days of testing. Incredibly, if we look at the timesheets, the FG11 were the fastest car on track, considering that over the weekend there were more powerful in track cars.

Ahmed Al Kuwaiti Ghanem Campos Racing driver had the best time of the test being 02.15.588, Edi Haxhiu just behind with a time of 02.16.470. With less than two weeks to the first race at the circuit in Dubai is shaping up as a fantastic season.

Season 4 got off to a great start on the 5.6km Yas Marina GP Circuit.
So, the 300km of testing ahead of the drivers WAS going to prove critical in trying to put together that ‘perfect’ lap.

Formula driver coach Andy Pardoe Gulf HAD flown in from UK to Work With The drivers During the test. The drivers would stay under the watchful eye and Andy and GulfSport whole crew, spending as much time off as They Did track on track going through data and video!

Hope Racing’s Martin GulfSport Said – “This was a great way to start the season, all the drivers relished the challenge of the Yas GP circuit, and improved massively over the 2 days. Incredibly, with the Times Being in the last session posted the FG11 cars Were pretty much the fastest thing on the track all weekend, and if you look down the pit lane there is some pretty exotic machinery here. ”

Ahmed Al Ghanem (Campos Racing driver) from Kuwait posted the quickest time of the test of 02.15.588, with Edi Haxhiu just under a second behind on a 02.16.470.

Already With less than 2 weeks to go Until the first race at the Dubai Autodrome ITS Certainly shaping up to be a fantastic season.