Pertamina Campos Racing in the jewel of the crown: Monaco´s urban circuit

Indonesia´s Sean Gelael and New Zealand´s Mitch Evans aim at a good result in the streets of the Principality of Monaco, a name marking motorsport history and which leaves no room for error

Two weeks after GP2 Series´ curtain raiser in Barcelona, where the main F.1 feeder series kicked off the season, it´s time for another round at the most iconic urban track: Monaco. Pertamina Campos Racing and its two drivers, Sean Gelael and Mitch Evans, will target a good result in the narrow streets. Gelael completed his best performance so far in the series two weeks ago, in which was his first appearance with a Dallara of Campos Racing, but Evans struggled with stomach problems over the weekend.

With drivers so close to the walls, there is no room for mistakes. In addition, there are very few passing points in Monaco, so to have a good starting position on the grid is almost a key factor for success. The Dallara GP2/11 cars set up with high downforce and Pirelli has chosen its P Zero soft and supersoft compounds. Low grip levels in Monaco will be another tough rival for drivers every time they hit the track.

The particular characteristics of Monaco also include a completely different schedule. Thursday´s qualifying session is split in two parts for even and odd numbers at 16.15 and 16.39. Feature race, longer and including a mandatory pit stop, will be held on Friday at 11.15. Sprint race is due to start at 16.10 on Saturday.


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