Campos e.Racing to make Gran Turismo Sport debut

It’s the world’s most cross-cutting platform and with the largest number of members

Campos e.Racing is delighted to announce its debut Gran Turismo Sport debut, which it’s the world’s most cross-cutting platform and with the largest number of members. Therefore, the entire structure of 101neumáticos – which is a top Spanish team in GTSport-, has become an integral part of Campos e.Racing, two top tier teams working together on the Spanish Simracing scene.

Carlos Martínez Alonso will spearhead the team joined by seven other drivers: Diego Ruiloba, Aitor Álvarez, Víctor Fraile, Esteban Sarmiento, Andrés Estrada, Daniel Castillo and Adrián Giraldo.

The first stop for Campos e.Racing in the Gran Turismo Sport will take place in the called SuperCompetición de Escuderías de MundoGT battling with the best teams in Spain. Campos e.Racing will contest the “Primera División” as their drivers previously completed a successful prequalifying. Besides, they will also complete in other official FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) series.

Borja Zazo and David Nuñez (Team Managers of Campos e.Racing): “Today we have accomplished a primary goal in consolidating Campos Racing on the eSports scene. The Gran Turismo Sport platform has 3.5 players around the world and it’s its main asset. Besides, they also have their famous GTAcademy where virtual drivers become motorsport drivers in GT Racing. The synergy between 101neumáticos and Campos e.Racing was key to designing and planning our GTSport division. We are thrilled about the future!”

Carlos Martínez Alonso (GTSport Captain): “We approach a new era joining the best Spanish motorsport team filled with ambition and passion. We are proud of our achievements with 101neumáticos and we are sure that a brilliant future lie ahead racing under the Campos e.Racing banner.”