Simulation Center

Experience the thrill of training like a race driver


The simulator is an example of a virtual reality through which the user can experience the feeling of driving an F2, F3 racing car. This is not about fun, but about very realistic driving training to get to know driving technique and tracks. An ideal instrument to prepare for the fight on the racetrack.

As a unique training method, the CAMPOS RACING simulator enables the driver to learn the tracks and all the functions that contribute to faster lap times. In addition to the technical part of the tutorial program, the users can strengthen their minds and get used to stressful situations, allowing them to unleash their full potential.



Vehicles and Tracks

Single-seater models F2 & F3 are reproduced to the finest detail. Drive around all the tracks of the different championships including official test tracks and F1.


Live Feedback

Live communication with the engineer in order to receive immediate telemetry feedback and hence correct driving trajectories with the objective of reducing lap times.


Real Experience

Steering and braking feedback identical to reality. A surrounding sound system, a 120º vision range and a Dallara F305 cockpit in which you will feel totally integrated in the simulator.


Post-Session Analysis

Post-session reports in order to analyse and consequently improve the driving technique. Comparison of telemetries and trajectories with those from the Campos Racing official drivers


“The simulator is a very useful tool, specially for learning those tracks in which you have never been when there is an upcoming race. With the simulator at Campos Racing, we can feel the force feedback from the steering wheel just as in the real race car. This helps us to approach the feelings experienced at the track with maximum detail. Without a doubt, it is an essential device in order to get prepared before a race.”

Alex Palou

Super Formula Driver

“Our simulator brings the user to a full immersion into virtual reality. All of its components have been designed to provide the driver with the real feeling of steering, braking and accelerating. As the Campos Team Manager, it is a great tool for me to teach young drivers the braking technique, the way to use weight transfers, the optimum driving lines, the sensitivity of a powerful car accelerating and many more things. Furthermore, it allows us to monitor the drivers’ skill level and hence compare it to our references so that we can identify the path we need to follow in order to make them improve.”

Adrián Campos-Suñer

Campos Racing Team Manager

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