Learn from some of the best minds in racing

Our professionals will be with you at every step of your way - to help you make the most of your talent.

  • Physical & Mental Training
  • Medical Follow-Up
  • Simulator
  • On-Track Assistance
  • Marketing & Management

In CAMPOS ACADEMY, we focus on your progress and how to work on your weaknesses.

  • Braking technology, learn have to make the ideal line
  • Data acquisition, vehicle dynamics, setup and mechanical operations
  • Anticipation ability, develop instinct and respond analytically to situations
  • Driving in realistic situations such as fatigue and pressure
  • Focus on mental strength and focus the entire race

Physical / Mental Training

In the CAMPOS ACADEMY you learn to prepare your body for a race.

  • Specific training of all physical abilities
  • Targeted growth of your potential in all areas
  • Discipline and sacrifice
  • Competitive behavior on and off the track
  • Working and daily competition with other professional drivers
  • Development of mental abilities under pressure and fatigue
  • Specific strength training for racing
  • Aerobic and anaerobic capacity in motorsport
  • Cognitive work to search for improvements in various skills
  • Eye-hand coordination work and reaction speed with visual representation
  • Development of balance and visualization for a perfect line

Medical Follow-Up

Your body is your most important tool. That is why top-class sport also includes the benchmark references in order to increase the knowledge and the condition of your body perfectly. A comprehensive medical follow-up that helps the driver to assess the condition of the body perfectly and to compare the progress in numbers.

  • Several VO2 Max annually to know the development of the driver
  • Blood tests to know all the data and adapt the training accordingly
  • Annual nutritional assessment and planning focused on the specific needs of the driver
  • Evaluation and lung capacity work for the control of breathing

Academy Test Battery

Various evaluations per year.
In this way you will get to know and improve your strengths and weaknesses in all areas.

Test of:

  • Specific strength (upper train, core, lower train)
  • Specific aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Balance
  • Coordination eyes-hand and eyes-foot
  • Mental capacity with fatigue
  • Reflexes
  • Gestural speed
  • Cognitive ability
  • Compare your results with other professional drivers


Our two modern simulators bring you the experience you need to improve your driving skills. Because of the realism of reality, it makes sense to train on the simulators before you go with a car on the track.

An Unique Training Module

  • F3 and F2 models perfectly reproduced through our datas
  • Braking and steering feedback identical to reality
  • Live Telemetry comparing with our professional
  • Drivers’ references
  • Aerial trajectory comparaison system
  • Live communication with the engineer for immediate
  • Driving correction
  • Online access to post-session analysis report
  • All European and many extra-European tracks to get ready for your event


Get support from racing experts during your test drives and races. We are familiar with all circumstances and in every racing situation. The CAMPOS ACADEMY Assistance Service will help you with what you do best.

A Team of Experts at your Service

  • Our three kind of assistance:
    • Driver Coach
    • Physical Preparator
    • Engineer
  • Dedicated exercises (wake-up, warm-up, visualisation)
  • Video and Data analyse
  • On-track Eye
  • Recovery massage sessions at the end of the day
  • Press and Team relations
  • Nutrition / Hydration assistance

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