Master in Motorsport

Engineering and Mechanic Competition

The partnership between Campos Racing and the Florida University has enabled the development of a program with a very hands-on approach that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the basic principles of science, technology and management in motorsport and its implementation in high-performance technology. It covers the management, commissioning and operation of racing vehicles. It also covers aspects related to materials science, simulation, aerodynamics, dynamics, kinematics, structural analysis, vehicle systems, strategy and management techniques related to motorsport.

You participate in workshops in the facilities of Campos Racing and are used as an employee of a Campos Racing team during the competition at an official event (test or race) or in other official racing teams with which there are cooperation agreements.

Different aspects:

Workshop Exercises
in the Campos Racing facilities

where you can directly get to know the work, the vehicles and the staff of your competition teams.

Train during an official event

(test or race) with the Campos Racing teams in international championships or other official competition teams that are integrate as part of the squad in the assigned team.


which have the necessary materials, and thanks to the racing departments to provide excellent theoretical and practical training.

Track engineering exercises with the help of a racing car simulator

where you simulate the work of a race engineer and see how the driver is prepared before each event.

Title: Master in motorsport

Engineering and Mechanic Competition

Own title, awarded jointly by Florida University and the Campos Racing team with the support of the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation.

Suitable for:

  • Persons with a degree in engineering or upcoming degree
  • People with education in the automotive industry
  • Drivers and professionals from the automotive industry with many years of experience, who want to dedicate themselves to the automotive sector in the world of motorsport.


  • Learning by Doing
  • This master greatly improves the practical skills that have not been sufficiently developed during university education.
  • At software level, students work with the most important computer simulation programs


  • Introduction to Motorsport: general concepts
  • Data acquisition and telemetry systems
  • Dynamics of racing cars: tires, aerodynamics, suspensions and brakes
  • Chassis Setup
  • CAD Design
  • Materials in competition
  • Engines and transmissions of racing cars
  • Electric / hybrid vehicles
  • Electricity and electronics of racing cars
  • Management of racing teams: sports marketing, sports psychology, budgets, soft skills

Duration, Schedule and Locations:

Theory Courses

  • Duration: 300 hours (October to January)
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 9 pm
  • Location: Campus Catarroja of Florida University

Practice Courses (Workshop)

  • Duration: 175 hours (January and February)
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm
  • Location: Campos Racing headquarters in Alzira (Valencia)

Practice Courses (Race)

  • Duration: 50 hours from March and depending on the race calendar

Álvaro Formoso, data engineer in the FIA F2 Campos Racing team, explains us his short but intense professional career up to the F1 paddock.

Do you know how he started just 3 years ago...? Yes, studying our University Master! The rest is history...

Álvaro did not hesitate to fight for his dreams and professional aspirations, and you: do you want to be specialized in motorsport? Remember: Make your profession what it was your passion!

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