Campos Racing Facility

CAMPOS RACING is a full service provider for FIA F2 and FIA F3. Since 1997, work has been done here in Alzira near Valnecia on the small and large victories. After such a long time many handles work automatically. Working at CAMPOS RACING is something very special. We are proud of our headquarters, where we can do all the necessary work directly and without detours. In addition to the work areas for assembly and all testing facilities, our workshop also has a paint shop and metal construction. Thereby we are able to realize all necessary activities in high perfection. These tasks are taken over by long-standing, experienced team members who know their work. Thanks to their passion for racing, we have been able to assert ourselves so successfully in this special sport discipline for decades.

Campos Museum

The racing life of former Formula 1 driver Adrián Campos is part of the history of our company. Over the years, some exhibits have been collected as witnesses of this eventful history. Racing cars of different series; cars that made big wins or were part of a very eventful racing history. We have given these exhibits a space that honours this story. The CAMPOS MUSEUM shows, close to the workshops, where the new vehicles of the F2 and F3 are prepared for their races, an impressive overview of the racing history of the last 30 years.

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Campos Racing S.L.

  Diputación Provincial, 3 Alzira 46600 Spain
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