About Campos Racing

History Adrian Campos

Adrián Campos has played the role of driver, team manager and driver´s manager. He became one of the most respected and charismatic international personalities of the motorsport scene. View here a snapshot of his amazing journey.

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History Campos Racing

Campos Racing was officially formed in 1997. Adrián Campos Motorsport joined the “Open Fortuna by Nissan”. Adrián elected Marc Gené, and the young and promising Karting driver Antonio García. Gené was the champion in that very first season and he made his jump to Formula 1.

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Salvatore Gandolfo

CEO and Co-Owner

Salvatore Gandolfo, an Italian businessman born in Italy but raised in Switzerland, works mostly between Monaco, Switzerland and Italy. During his career he founded, alone or with other partners, international companies from the high-tech, medical and racing sector. In the past twenty years he entered actively in the Racing branch by investing, creating, supporting. Due to his expertise and dedication to the Motorsport World, he has become and still is co-owner and CEO of Campos Racing, the one and only Spanish team in Formula 2 and Formula 3, founded by ex Formula 1 driver Adrian Campos.

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Campos Racing Facility

CAMPOS RACING is a full service provider for FIA F2 and FIA F3. Since 1997, work has been done here in Alzira near Valnecia on the small and large victories. After such a long time many handles work automatically. Working at CAMPOS RACING is something very special.

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Education: Master in Motorsport

The partnership between Campos and Florida University has enabled the development of a program with a very hands-on approach that provides students with an in-depth understanding of science, technology and management in motorsport and its implementation in technology.

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